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Deja vu all over again: Nick Saverine returns to Les Mis

July 9, 2008

Nick Saverine has spent years in the world of Les Miserables...and still loves it.

Veteran actor, Ensemble member and Jean Valjean understudy Nick Saverine has been around the barricades more than once. We chatted with Nick about what makes him come back for more.

WST: Have you previously work on Les Mis?

I worked with the first national tour, performed it for 3 years on Broadway, and then the first tour in Europe. I played many roles including Valjean and Enjolras, however I have never been with one production for more than one year at a time.

WST: What is it about Les Mis that keeps you coming back to it?

There are just so many great roles, and I keep getting offered different ones! Les Mis is one of the few shows where every role is truly a privilege to play. Victor Hugo is amazing, and when it was set to music the fact that it is actually interesting to watch- well that is just surprising and wonderful. It seems like such a dark story, but it can be very uplifting and end the end it is about persevering. It is great story to be able to tell.

WST: Have you worked with anyone in this cast before?

I was actually in Phantom of the Opera with Hugh- He was Raul and I was Piangi. We were both in Les Mis but I can't remember if we were ever together"