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Talking with the actor: Steve Pacek

July 17, 2008

Steve Pacek loves coming back to the Walnut.

We sat down with Ensemble member (and Assistant Director) Steve Pacek to talk about what makes Les Mis special:

WST: Will it be exciting to work with your colleagues from 11th Hour Theatre!?

It will be very cool to work together on a project besides our own. It seems like nearly everyone from 11th Hour is involved in this show! We have used Walnut's Studio 5 for our shows before so we are all relatively familiar with the Walnut and we are very comfortable here. It should be A LOT of fun.

WST: What is the most intimidating thing about this new approach to Les Mis?

I just keep thinking about how Mark Clements is going to approach the whole "not using a turntable" thing and I certainly think that will be the biggest challenge. The piece has so many little pieces it is really important to create a consistent flow and to make sure the story is told clearly.

WST: Much of your work with 11th Hour takes a very contemporary approach to the theatre? What will it be like to go back to a more classic style?

It is always a good thing when I get to go back to roots; put my degree in Musical theatre to good use! I took dance for the musical stage, and studied all of the periods. I am really excited to go back through the research and things that I learned and find ways to use them. Any time I get to play something non-typical, its cool to jump in and create something different from anything I've done before.But really, I use the same tools no matter what the project might.

WST: Why is playing the Walnut so special to you?

The fact that this is America's Oldest Theatre is so cool! There is such a sense of history when you walk into the building. And everyone is so on top of everything. I feel very well taken care of and welcome.

Also, my partner, Jorge, passed away over this last holiday season. It will be very challenging to be again on the stage we once shared. However, it will be so nice to be in the room with so many people who knew him and love him. This will be my first show since his passing and I think such a supportive environment will be really good for me!!