209th Anniversary Season · America's Oldest · Founded 1809
Production History

This World Premiere American drama is a view from the heart with bridges to burn. Part of the first Philadelphia New Play Festival


2006-2007 Season
Independence Studio on 3 Production History

Jake and Matt were the best of friends. They knew how to work together. They could complete each other's sentences. There were like bookends. Together, they became one of the most successful director/playwright teams in the American theater. In October of 1951, all of that changed. Jackson “Jake” Kale was interrogated by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Lives, careers and friendships were destroyed. Jake and Matt took different paths. Thirteen years later, Matt, his wife Nora and Jake are reunited and given an opportunity to begin a new chapter. Can they heal old wounds and reclaim lost innocence? Or are the memories of a better life all that we have left?

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