209th Anniversary Season · America's Oldest · Founded 1809
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When painting the soul, look for compassion, forgiveness, humor and truth!

Mr. Bailey's Minder

By Debra Oswald

2007-2008 Season
Independence Studio on 3 Production History

What would you do for a job? Therese becomes a caretaker for Australia's most famous living artist, Mr. Leo Bailey. Alcohol, bitterness and chaos have taken over Mr. Bailey's mind. He's left alone with his "minder" as he inches closer toward death, alienated from his friends, his family and his world. As Therese tries to find her way in the world, Mr. Bailey tries to find his way out. There may be one last chance to make the art of humanity come to life, if he can just find the right strokes. Together, they work to find peace.

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